Stick-on magnets


Just peel off the backing sheet and press it on!

Turn your printed key messages into instant fridge magnets with stick-on magnets – an easy solution for almost anything you wish to display in the home or office.

Use stick-on magnets in marketing, printing and manufacturing, industry and craft. They can be stuck onto the back of mail-outs, take-away menus, business cards, flyers, invitations, photos, calendars…

Stick-on magnetic patches are pre-cut to a size of 40x20mm or 60x30mm and are supplied to you on large sheets.


More info:

Also known as stick on magnets, magnetic patches, pre-cut magnets and self-adhesive magnetic patches

Magnets and Print Ltd are specialist manufacturers of self-adhesive magnetic patches. Our magnetic patches are produced from the highest quality magnetic material and have a high tack adhesive on the back. Just peel off the lining paper to expose the adhesive and then attach to your printed material.

In the manufacturing process only the magnetic layer is cut so that the magnets remain in place on the backing paper. When the magnetic patch is peeled from the backing paper the tacky adhesive is exposed.

Your business details and marketing material will be highly visible, thanks to the magnetic patch on the back. The magnetic patches are small and discreet making your postage easy and affordable.